At Legacy, we are committed to more than just a building process. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with each of our clients. Our experience in the industry for the past 20 years will help to streamline the creation of your dream home, office or exterior. We view this process as a truly collaborative effort. With good communication, what you envision can become a reality. We are honored to be an integral part of building your legacy


I have been on building sites with my father, a mechanical engineer by trade, since I was 4 1/2 years old.

He was the ultimate perfectionist who applied unsurpassed workmanship to each of his building projects. While observing him as a boy, I had the opportunity to witness the feeling of pride he garnered from a job well done.

A decade later, I chose to work each summer with homebuilders in my area. The work was difficult and the pay was poor, but the knowledge and experience gained was priceless. While pursuing my Mechanical Engineering degree at The Ohio State University, I began an apprenticeship with a custom homebuilder. It was during this work experience that I learned the value of customer service and high quality craftsmanship.

My next position with a large building company, enabled me to see firsthand the differences between the two types of building industry philosophies. Although clients of large homebuilders had wonderful design choices, they unfortunately had minimal involvement in the architectural design of their homes. Notwithstanding that shortfall, the large building company was able to complete home construction in a minimal amount of time. I began to consider how to offer the best of both businesses to the client.

The result is Legacy Custom Homes. I devised a business philosophy that incorporated numerous design choices without compromising the client’s complete involvement throughout the building process. At Legacy, we will create the ultimate building experience, where my knowledge can help to accelerate the building process without compromising the craftsmanship and customization our clients want. Quite simply, it all goes back to feeling pride in a job well done.

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